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Vocabulary Sci-Fi

                                                              Vocabulary Sci-Fi

Dear friends,

 I'm writing a letter to you from the future. I would like to communicate with you about the opportunities which people have today to learn English. I am aware of a fact that you are out of touch with recent ways of learning this language. That's why we can make a small talk about it.
     To begin with, I would like to point out that nowadays English is a language of world communication and is official for many countries. Of course, there are various regional accents but they have only slight differences in original language what is not a problem for general understanding. In order not to be an unwary visitor don't glare at people who speak with these accents.
However, it's time to go to the main reason for my writing. So, today there are a lot of opportunities to read in English. Moreover, you can find any book you like adopted to your level. If to speak my mind, I believe that it's a wonderful way of improving your language skills.
Another opportunity is to come into contact with native speakers for whom English is a mother tongue. Nowadays you are able to do this and chat with them because there are a lot of exchange programmes for the youth. To my mind, it's a really effective way of learning English. You can shake hands with foreign students. Speaking with people for whom English is a first language face to face is a tremendous experience. 
One more opportunity is to watch English movies with subtitles. It's useful to remember a lot of words, their spelling and develop your listening skills.
Moreover, you can listen to English songs and whistle them to yourself.
The usual thing today is having a penfriend. It's not a problem because almost everybody has connection with the Internet.
         Recently I bumped into my old friend with whom I had lost touch for ages. I've heard from him about a current method of learning English. On the Internet there are a lot of websites on which you can create different flashcards, trees and clouds for better memorising of English words. You are able to organise them according to the theme or what parts of speech they are.
      I don't want to tell you what to do but I hope you understand what are the opportunities of learning English nowadays. However, which one of them is the most suitable for you you must decide on your own.

Maria Kravchuk.

Singapore has a policy of bilingualism, where students learn in English but are taught the language of their ethnicity, referred to as their "mother tongue". The mother tongue is seen as a way to preserve unique cultural values in the multicultural society, although their usage is decreasing in the home as English becomes more predominant (see Language attrition). The loss of the dialects has been even more prominent, as many are rarely used on the mass media and generally spoken by the elderly.


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  1. Internet helps us not to lose track of fresh news and "brand new" information. Social networks, you`ve mentioned, give an opportunity to study English promptly. Moreover, such variety seems to be never-ending...Your imagined friend would be pleased!))

  2. In my opinion, you described a great diversity of opportunities we have today to learn English. Even if you run out of money, you can improve your language skills. The only thing you need is to take interest in it. In this way if you make a real effort, it will be definitely worthwhile.

  3. To my mind, we can face a lot of prospects in the Internet. It's not necessary to go to a library in order to read rare English book for improving your language skills. Nowadays we can combine different activities for learning new vocabulary even sitting at home.

  4. It is amazing how phenomenally modern technologies have been developing in recent years and how it has simplified our process of studying English. We've reached the point when almost everything is available on the Internet. If you have a desire, you will find it no sweat. We simply need to log in, google what we want and upload the files. Awesome, isn't it?

  5. A person who has a good command of a foreign language feels at ease not only in his native country but abroad too.

  6. The Internet is really helpful thing especialy when it is used with benefit. This source opens a lot of possibilities to prove your skills particularly language skills.So you can upload different videos, films, various of tests and e-books.