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A message for the freshers

Dear freshers!
I would like to let you know about the difficulties and benefits of the course “Vocabulary of Modern English” as I have already got through it and acquired considerable amount of knowledge. Actually, I will try to cover a lot of ground and give you some pieces of advice which can come in useful to you. If you put thinking cap on and take advantage of them, it will help you to make the grade.
Needless to say, nothing is as easy as ABC, even for straight A students who have mental agility and are quick learners. Besides, there is always room for improvement for everybody. It’s common knowledge that everything is learnt through practice. So don’t panic if in the beginning it strikes you as hard to get hang of writing blogposts. After a while, you will have an excellent grasp of it. In fact, one significant thing you should bear in mind – don’t goof off till it’s time to post your blogpost but you haven’t written it yet. Try to write them on time, or even better in advance. This way you will be able to take your time and keep up with all the tasks.
What is more, take this course seriously. First of all, don’t play hooky but attend all classes. Then you won’t fall behind with your fellow students and will be able to pass tests with flying colours. Obviously, you will need to hit the books and burn the midnight oil, learning stacks of words by heart if you want to make good progress. Don’t put off because then you will need to catch up with the material.
Moreover, don’t pay a lot of attention if something goes wrong. Actually, sometimes you fail miserably and think that your hopes were dashed but don’t lose your nerve. Don’t miss the point that it’s only a minor failure. You should be persistent. Then success is guaranteed and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your work. Furthermore, you will see a dramatic improvement in your English.
Last but not least, keep the notebook and brush up on words regularly.

What do I make of this course?  Frankly speaking, it had a significant impact on me. It’s my firm conviction that I got much out of this course. Actually, I learnt a lot of diverse collocations, phrasal verbs, idioms and expressions. So now I grasp the importance of it. What is more, I took to doing different creative tasks. Especially, I liked creating posters and fakebook profile. Besides, I was drawn to doing different projects in groups. Now I can ensure you that it’s not as hard as it comes across at first. The only thing you should possess is a sufficient will. I hope you will take my pieces of advice. Anyway, set high standards for yourself and do your best in order to achive your goals. Good luck!

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